For those of you that got to watch the Army vs. Navy game last Saturday, you may or may not have seen this. I bring this up to show you that in the world of college football, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo gets it.

The Army/Navy game is one of the oldest rivalries in college football going on 110 years now. Each of these men playing in this game will go on to be officers in the U.S. military fighting for the freedoms that you and I enjoy (like getting to rant on this blog).

The mission for college football used to revolve around building character and rounding out student athletes. These days however, especially at the big time NCAA schools, college football has become all about the almighty dollar, a type of big business like the NFL. NCAA college football has become sort of the NFL’s minor league.

At the service academies, the mission of building character is still intact as Coach Niumatalolo explains below. This is a really awesome interview to watch in case you missed it. Most college football coaches are not like Coach Niumatalolo.

Yes Navy beat Army for the eighth straight time, but is that the most important thing about the game? No. In the interview, Coach Niumatalolo chokes up as he praises both teams and reminds viewers what kind of battles these young men of Army and Navy will be fighting for our country in the future:

Go Navy!