Compares him to ‘gasp!’ George W. Bush…

Has good old ‘tingles’ lost that thrill up his leg?

Via Newsbusters:

“Wait, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Governor, let me ask you this question: Look, the President was joking a few months ago. You know, I generally support everything the guy does. I like his temperament. I like everything about him, except this thing of jobs, this thing of not doing what needs to be done. He was laughing at some event recently, or a while back, about how there weren’t as many shovel-ready jobs as he thought there were. That reminded me of Dubya, who was out to lunch on the war in Iraq, saying he couldn’t find the WMD and thinking that’s funny. It’s not funny when the President says he can’t find work out there when everybody can see there’s work to be done!”