Juan Williams wrote a great piece on Justice Clarence Thomas first twenty years as a Justice over the weekend.

Here’s an excerpt:

It has taken twenty years on the Supreme Court for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to strip away the political filth that nearly buried him.

In 1991 his left-wing critics created a public image of Thomas as a monster. They trashed him as an Uncle Tom, Anita Hill’s harasser and the vote on the Supreme Court that would end legal abortion in America.

Today Thomas is one of the two most powerful black men in government, second only to President Obama. And at 63, relatively young compared to his brethren on the court, he is established among the elite of American conservative legal thinkers with the possibility of another 20 years on the court ahead of him. He is already the nation’s leading black conservative.

Thomas is also the best-known Justice on the entire Supreme Court, according to polls. His autobiography was a national best seller. A 2006 poll found that nearly half of the nation, 48 percent, now views him favorably as compared to 36 percent who have an unfavorable opinion. And he operates in a world where Gallup polling finds more black Americans self-identify as conservatives, 29 percent, than liberal, 24 percent.

Read the rest of this terrific piece at this link.