Much has been made over the last week or so about reporter Neil Munro over at the Daily Caller interrupting President Obama during his remarks on immigration. I thought to myself that Mr. Munro’s actions were out of line but, one could understand Mr. Munro’s point that he thought the President was finishing his remarks.

The Democrats didn’t take it that way and fled like cockroaches to MSNBC to say how unprecedented & racist Mr. Munro’s actions were.

Via The Blaze, Democratic strategist Julian Epstein said:

“This is just so unprecedented and outrageous, that you have to ask the question, would the right-wing be doing this if we had a white president there?“ MSNBC guest and Democratic strategist Julian Epstein asked on ”Bashir Live.”

And yes, Mr. Epstein went there…

I think it’s a vert important question because I think this is the first African-American president. We’ve never had a white president been told by the opposing party to shut up in the middle of a major address to the Congress. We’ve never had a president like this heckled so disrespectfully. We‘ve never had this otherness afforded to any other president and I think the right wing has some explaining to do because to me it’s patently obvious.

Toure, on MSNBC, played the race card as well. When Democrats have no record of success to run on, all they can do is claim race. Sam Donaldson of ABC News weighed in with the same thoughts. Apparently, he selectively forgets about the incident in the video above.

Only ABC News, via its Otus News blog, brought up some of the famous Presidential interrupters from the past. Like this guy who heckled President Ronald Reagan.

Remember when George Bush’s Independence Day speech was interrupted? Remember when President George W. Bush’s State Of The Union speech was interrupted by Democrats? Last, but not least, remember when CBS News’ Bill Plante interrupted President Reagan in the video above?

So when you hear from Democrats that something someone did against President Obama was ‘unprecedented,’ it probably wasn’t.

(Video via Fox Nation)