Via WFB, Jay Leno has just been killing it lately. Here, he takes on Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal.

JAY LENO: Oh, here you go. Speaking of lying. Anthony Weiner, the Peter tweeter, is at it again. He admitted today in a press conference to having more online sexting episodes. Well, after he resigned from Congress. I love this. This time Anthony Weiner used the name Carlos Danger. That was the name of that. He was sexting women under the name Carlos Danger. See, this is Weiner’s way of getting more Latino support. “I’ll be Carlos Danger.” Yeah, yeah. In fact — in fact, today he changed his campaign slogan to “Anthony Weiner: You’ll never know where he’ll pop up.” That’s his new slogan. That’s his new slogan. And you know something? As a comedian I am pleading with the voters of New York, please elect this man. Please!