I would have thought Mark Warner was smarter than what he showed in this first debate. Apparently, he doesn’t know what Senators do. Ed Gillespie decidedly won this first debate.


Democrats have been pushing the idea of a Republican War On Women for years, but over the last several months, as their chances for holding the Senate have diminished, they have increasingly relied on the W.O.W. meme that helped them keep the White House in 2012 and win the Virginia governor’s seat in 2013. The strategy has become so integral to the Democratic Party’s 2014 efforts that it has even been used by a male Democratic Senate candidate against his female GOP opponent.

However, on Saturday, that strategy backfired on Senator Mark Warner (D) of Virginia.

During their first debate, Warner asked GOP challenger Ed Gillespie if he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Gillespie responded that Roe was a Supreme Court decision, and thus not something the Senate has any authority over.

“I’m running for the United States Senate, Senator,” said Gillespie, with a note of outrage and exasperation. That the federal government has three distinct (and by design, adversarial) branches, and that senators actually can’t vote to “overturn” any Supreme Court decision, is a nuance from before the post-Constitutional era that many observers, including  Washington Post reporter Laura Vozzella, didn’t even notice.

But Virginia horse race blogger Justin Higgins reported, “Warner proved that he doesn’t even know what his job description is.”

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