Here’s a photo I took recently of the old Beachcomber Restaurant (later Potomac Arms) which is poised to be the new home of the Old Dominion Boat Club in Alexandria, Virginia.

Read the fantastic presentation from Alexandria Archaeology volunteer Diane Riker (see others at this link) on this site.

Here are some stories of the building that I have heard and as I post this around the web, I’ll be sure and update this post as well. What do you know about the building? Share your stories below…

Well before the Woodrow Wilson Bridge was built, many an Alexandrian would gather on the rooftop  of the Beachcomber in the mid-1940s to watch the nightly steamer to Norfolk load up. Legend also has it that since the Beachcomber was built out over the water, the restaurant was actually located in the District of Columbia (water line is still the border to this day) and therefore closed much later than other Alexandria pubs.

Michael on Facebook notes that since it was in the water, gambling was also allowed.

What are your memories of 0 Prince Street?

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