On Saturday night, the National Football League held its annual induction ceremony for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Hall welcomed eight new members. There was not a more emotional moment than when longtime Chargers linebacker Junior Seau was inducted.

Junior Seau sadly took his own life in 2012 and made his daughter Sydney promise to give a speech if he got inducted. But the Hall didn’t allow her to speak at the ceremony. She did give an emotional interview during the ceremony you can see at this link. The Hall of Fame recognizes deceased inductees by playing an extended video tribute of their life and career and family members can present the bust for induction. Here’s the video of her introduction.

The New York Times gave Sydney Seau a chance to give her emotional speech which you can see above. Here’s what Sydney would have said.

Peter King at MMQB nailed it earlier today:

After the squabbling over whether Sydney Seau should be able to speak directly to the crowd in Canton and across the country—and I believe the Hall of Fame needs to reconsider simply having deceased inductees acknowledged through a video presentation, and then in a TV interview—the words from Sydney Seau softened the controversy. She honored her father’s memory in a way we all wish our children would do for us one day. Just beautiful.