Fergie Duhamel, popularly known by the mononym Fergie, sang the National Anthem at Sunday’s NBA All-Star game.

Via the AP, “A low chuckle rumbled through the sold-out arena after Fergie finished the first line of the song,” but by the end even the players were laughing. In the clip above, watch Draymond Green at 1:55 move from open-mouthed mystification to a fit of giggles.

As an artist, I can understand her wanting to do something different with the song but, her sultry version didn’t go over well at all.

Her performance was so bad that my son Sam has been imitating her awful National Anthem rendition throughout the weekend.

Even Roseanne weighed in. Remember her version of the National Anthem?

Fergie has responded to the controversy saying her version didn’t strike the intended tone.