Today, I took my son and a friend of his to see the new Steven Spielberg movie ‘Ready Player One‘ – a visionary adaptation of Ernest Cline’s beloved sci-fi novel ‘Ready Player One: A Novel‘ which is set in a dystopian future ruled by elaborate virtual reality.

In a word… Wow!

Having never read the book before seeing the movie, the movie tells the story of Wade Watts, a nice young man who lives in apocalyptic Columbus, Ohio in the ‘stacks’ in year 2045. He and his online friends are in a race to save the nearly impossible the Virtual Reality game ‘OASIS’ from evil corporate lord Nolan Sorrento who is sparing no expense to win the race to control humanity. It’s a classic movie of good versus evil as whoever cracks the game first gets the cherished golden Easter egg and will inherit ownership of the OASIS itself (as well as $500B dollars).

The movie has a LOT of famous movie references. There’s a Delorean like the one from ‘Back to the Future’ (OASIS creator Jack Halliday also looks a bit like Doc Brown), the ‘Zemeckis Cube’, a thrilling VR look at ‘The Shining’, King Kong, Godzilla, the Chocolate & Chocolate Factory-esque hunt for the OASIS golden egg as well as a couple of Superman references and more.

Again, having never read the book before seeing the movie, my one fault is the movie didn’t get too deep with the acting and rightly focused more on the action sequences. All in all, it’s a brilliant and visually stunning film with a good message that one must see on the big screen.