MSNBC primetime anchor Lawrence O’Donnell visited C-Span’s Washington Journal on Tuesday to talk about his newly updated book ‘Deadly Force.’ During the interview, Larry gave a complete defense of socialism which is in line with Larry’s party. He mentions the differences between “socialism” and “democratic socialism” are ‘semantics’ (which is NOT true at all).

Larry also described Medicare as a “very smart socialistic program” (even though Medicare is $48T+ short in unfunded liabilities – T as in TRILLION) and praised state-driven centralized economic planning. If you are against socialism, Larry thinks your ignorant (his own words).

Socialism, whether democratic socialism or full socialism is bad policy and never ends up doing what it promises to do (except to make the ruling elite richer). Several countries have moved away from democratic socialism.

Socialism, like Liberalism, only redistributes misery. Capitalism is the only solution to fight poverty.