Ronald Reagan switched political parties in 1962. He once famously uttered, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.”

Myself, I left the Democratic party in the early 2000’s when I realized and understood first hand that white liberals are the most racist and patronizing folks in the USA. The history of the Democratic party proves this to be true (see here, here and here for good examples).

The Democrats don’t want this country to be great, they want us divided because the more divided we are the easier we are to control. The Democrats care about power and power alone.

There are other reasons I left, some of which are eloquently explained in this now viral video (above) from Brandon Straka (The video has 1.7M views on Facebook & counting).

But, I never joined the GOP either. Why? Because, as Judge Napolitano explains in this video, the Republican and Democratic parties are essentially two birds of the same feather.

The movement is gaining strength on Social Media (e.g. Twitter). I consider myself a Libertarian Conservative now and I am so glad I walked away years ago. You should too.