Washington, D.C. based hoagie sandwich chain Taylor Gourmet is closing its doors this weekend. This is sad to see because they made some great sandwiches. Did a small business roundtable with president Trump cause the closure? Given that President Obama ate here, can you blame the owner for wanting to better his business?

Via WaPo

The chain’s sudden closure comes after its majority owner, private-equity firm KarpReilly, pulled out of the company, according to two people familiar with the deal. The Connecticut-based firm, which owned 75 percent of Taylor Gourmet, was reported to have invested $5.6 million into the chain in 2015, helping fuel its rapid expansion throughout the Washington area. Representatives for KarpReilly did not respond to multiple requests for comment, and the Taylor Gourmet spokesman said he did not know why the firm had chosen to walk away. The two co-founders own the remaining 25 percent…

The sandwich chain has become something of a local favorite among politicos and Washington insiders. President Barack Obama was a regular at Taylor Gourmet, where he once hosted a roundtable discussion with small-business owners to discuss his administration’s policies. He and Vice President Joe Biden also famously picked up lunch at the chain’s Pennsylvania Street NW location during the 2013 government shutdown, drawing hoards of onlookers. (The chain was offering furloughed federal workers free cookies and 10 percent off their orders.)

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