Padres Introduce ‘Anchorman’ Race at Petco Park

Love this. A beloved San Diego anchorman and his news team have returned to San Diego’s Petco Park.

The San Diego Padres hosted their first ‘Anchorman’ mascot race at Petco Park on Friday and the whole Channel 4 news team was there: five-time Emmy Award winner Ron Burgundy, sportscaster Champ Kind, weatherman Brick Tamland, and field reporter Brian Fantana. The Petco Park announcer proclaimed pre-race “These men are known to be mild-mannered citizens, but when they get the call, they’re ready to race.” Ron Burgundy won the inaugural race going away.

Milwaukee started the mascot races with the Famous Racing Sausages. The Nationals joined the fun with the Racing Presidents. Now, we have Ron Burgundy.

As a Nationals fan, you know my favorite, what’s yours?


Lee Hernly

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