Having gone to George Mason University, Liberalism is everywhere on campus. In this instance, students are upset that the University hired Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the summer. The funny part in all this, the class Mr. Kavanaugh is teaching is located in England – nowhere near the Fairfax, Virginia campus.

Via The Daily Wire

George Mason University students upset about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh teaching a class in England this Summer have, in so many words, been told by president Angel Cabrera to take a hike.

Earlier this month, triggered students at GMU demanded that Kavanaugh be removed from the faculty despite his class being taught in Runnymede, England — where the Magna Carta was signed. The students argued that women would be deeply harmed by Kavanaugh’s presence among the faculty due to the sexual assault allegation brought against him by Christine Blasey Ford without corroborating evidence during his confirmation hearing.

“The hiring of Kavanaugh threatens the mental well-being of all survivors on this campus,” a female student told The College Fix at the time.

According to HuffPost, GMU president Angel Cabrera told students that while he understands they are upset about Kavanaugh’s hiring, the university will not reverse course.

“Even if the outcome is painful, what’s at stake is very, very important for the integrity of the university,” Cabrera said during a two-hour town hall, prompting gasps from the audience.

“Oh, my God,” one female student gasped in response to the news.

Students have been fighting hard to get Kavanaugh kicked off the faculty and his three-year teaching contract terminated.

“GMU’s student government organized the event, along with student group Mason for Survivors,” reports HuffPost. “The town hall comes after protests, an ad campaign and a student-led petition with more than 10,000 signatures opposing Kavanaugh’s hire.”

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