Governor Ralph Northam admitted to being in a racist college photo (albeit he didn’t say he was in blackface or the KKK costume). He then reversed himself in the face of evidence to say this photo was a lie. Virginia Democrats came out against Northam calling for him to resign.

Now, they have reversed course. As I have said for years, Democrats remain the party of racism. If this incident had happened to a GOP Governor, and he/she refused to resign, you can make a safe bet this wouldn’t have been dropped.


Virginia Democrats called for Gov. Ralph Northam to resign while he was in the middle of a racist photo imbroglio, but now they’re apologizing.

At the Leadership Center for Excellence’s annual legislative breakfast last week, several members of the Virginia House of Delegates expressed regrets for their “rush to judgment” against Northam, InsideNoVa reports. They said the experience, in which Democrats futilely demanded Northam resign over racist photos in his medical school yearbook, was an opportunity for them to learn more about politics.

“There were a lot of life lessons,” said state senator Janet Howell about the chaos that erupted in Virginia politics when Northam’s photo came out and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D.) was accused of sexual assault. The chief “life lesson” she learned was “Don’t rush to judgment.”

Northam shocked political analysts everywhere in February when he refused to resign after it was discovered his medical school yearbook page showed a picture of a pair of people, one in blackface and the other in a Ku Klux Klan robe. Given his name was on the page, it was assumed Northam was one of the shrouded individuals, and he even responded with an apology before reversing himself and declaring he was definitely not in the photo.

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