I created a bucket list with some things to do.
I created a bucket list with some things to do.

My Bucket List

I created a bucket list with some things to do.

Family Matters

  1. Fall in love and get married
  2. Have a healthy son
  3. Have a healthy daughter
  4. Take care of mother/father
  5. Take care of my in-laws
  6. Have grandkids
  7. Have great-grandchildren
  8. Leave financial matters in good shape for family

Financial Matters/Possessions

  1. Own a beach home
  2. Turn one property into a rental
  3. Buy a convertible Mercedes Benz
  4. Build on the farm
  5. Own a fantastic piece of art
  6. Own a restaurant or store


  1. Give back to others who are less fortunate
  2. Serve meals to the homeless
  3. Start a family charity foundation


  1. Go to Italy
  2. Go to Israel
  3. Go to Hawaii
  4. Go to Paris
  5. Go to London
  6. Go to China
  7. Go to Alaska
  8. Go to Tahiti
  9. Go to Bahamas
  10. Go to Puerto Rico


  1. Attend baseball fantasy camp
  2. Attend Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens
  3. Go to World Series game with the Washington Nationals
  4. Meet Joe Gibbs
  5. Meet Ted Leonsis
  6. Goto NBA all-star game
  7. Goto NCAA tournament game
  8. Goto Capitals Stanley Cup playoff game
  9. Play golf at Augusta
  10. Play golf at St Andrew’s
  11. Play golf at Pebble Beach
  12. Live overseas for one year
  13. Get a hole-in-one
  14. Write a book
  15. Go to White House
  16. Hold elective office
  17. See U2 in concert
  18. Take a sabbatical from working