Congrats To Notre Dame On Being The #1 Team

Being number one has put a bulls eye on a lot of teams recently so, here’s hoping the Irish can stay on top.

Via Bleacher Report

It took two big upsets on the same night, but it looks like the stars are set to align for the nation’s lone bowl-eligible undefeated team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, to be No. 1 in the country. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but folks, the Fighting Irish are back on top, and deservedly so.

The Irish grabbing the top spot in the BCS standings is a testament to the 2012 football team and, on a larger scale, to their defense. The frou-frou offenses that were in such high demand, being fawned over all season, have fallen by the wayside, and what we have left is the hardened, scarred bodies and balled-up fists of the Fighting Irish.

Unlike Oregon, Notre Dame survived overtime against the Stanford Cardinal. Unlike Kansas State, Notre Dame triumphed after being tested by a sub-.500 squad. Unlike Kenjon Barner and Collin Klein, Notre Dame’s Heisman contender stood tallest when his team needed him the most.

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The Redskins Are Ranked No. 1 in Watchability

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11-year-old boy convinced NFL to use pink penalty flags this week

Bringing awareness to the fight against breast cancer is certainly a noble cause, and I think it’s great that the NFL is raising millions for the cause. Watching a month’s worth of pink sneakers, pink towels, pink towels, and pink gloves is enough though. Now we’re going to get pink penalty flags every October?

Jim Nantz Says Jets Beat Patriots (Video)

Via The Early Lead

Just what game CBS’s Jim Nantz watching?

On Sunday evening, he declared that the New York Jets had scored “a stunning victory” over the favored New England Patriots, even as fireworks were exploding in Gillette Stadium, which decidedly is not the home of the Jets. And he went on to proclaim the Jets the AFC East leaders. In spite of the Patriots’ 29-26 overtime victory.

Perhaps he was discombobulated by the sight of both teams walking off even as Mark Sanchez’s fumble was under review. Perhaps someone was in his ear yelling about making way for Lesley Stahl. Or perhaps he was going by the expressions on the faces of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who look as if they’ve just been given some sort of horrible, terrible news even moments after they’ve just won the Super Bowl.

Redskins vs. Giants – Keys To the Game

In this Washington Redskins fan opinion at least…

When the Redskins have the ball

  1. Win first down. Second and five or less is a lot better than second and long in case they aren’t successful on second down.
  2. Run the ball. The Vikings shut down the zone running of the Redskins which is why they went to the option.
  3. Control the clock. The same type of game plan they had against the Saints will work against the Giants.
  4. Minimize the mistakes. The Giants will take advantage of any turnover given to them.

When the Giants have the ball

  1. Mix it up. The defense can’t sit in zone all day. If the front seven doesn’t get to Eli Manning, then he’ll pick the defense apart.
  2. Pressure. The Giants rely on timing routes in their offense. The best way to disrupt that is by pressuring Eli Manning and disrupting Hakeem Nicks & Victor Cruz in their routes.
  3. Stop the run. The Giants played old fashioned smash mouth football against the 49ers, who had best defense in the NFC, and burned them for a lot of yards on the ground.
  4. Tackle well. If the Redskins are going to be a bend but don’t break defense, they’re going to need to tackle well against the Super Bowl champions.