London Fletcher Announces 2013 ‘May’ Be His Last Season

It’s the end of an era in Washington, D.C.Read More »

Tweet of the Day – Robert Griffin III

Well said RGIII!

Finally, The Night The Redskins Have Been Waiting For

David Elfin, a terrific sports writer who’s been covering D.C. sports for years, has a great piece at CBS DC on the Washington Redskins upcoming 2013 season. You can check it out at this link. HTTR!

(H/T Pat)

Redskins QB RGIII Blasts ‘The Tyranny of Political Correctness’

Amen brother. Kudos to RGIII for speaking his mind. Twitchy points out that liberals aren’t too happy with his tweet.

Post Columnist Blames RGIII’s Injury, Redskins Loss On ‘Bad Karma’

I can’t believe I am saying this but, I agree with Courtland Milloy at the Washington Post. It is time to change the Redskins name and logo.

So, Washington football fans, how’s that offensive team name and demeaning sports mascot working out? Whooping and hollering as RGIII goes on a “Redskins” warpath only to leave a trail of tears when his wounded knee gets buried at FedEx Field.

In this obscene home team sports fantasy, the gifted Robert Griffin III was reduced to a “noble savage.” Let the “Redskin” play hurt. He can take it. Hail to the young brave-hearted quarterback as he limps into battle on that injured knee. Three cheers as he fights on his one good leg for Old D.C.

And when he’s felled during Sunday’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, bringing the postseason to an ugly and immensely unsatisfying end — torn ligaments no doubt shortening his own career as well — Washington gasps in horror.

Bad karma, I tell you, that team name.