Photo of the Day: 2nd U.S. COVID-19 Stimulus

Via Powerline’s Week in Pictures, here’s a great collection of this week’s memes and interesting photos. These collections always have a theme – this week is the recent COVID-19 stimulus relief. Read More »

CBS News Says We’re Emailing Too Much During COVID-19

Via Newsbusters, with the pandemic forcing most people to work from home around the world due to COVID-19, less cars on the road are reducing emissions. That’s not good enough for CBS News’ Mark Phillips. He wants us to email less. Read More »

Progressives Make Mockery of Term ‘Listen to Science’

Excellent new column from Jonah Goldberg on how progressives say ‘listen to science’ in order to further their agenda – not to make the right decision(s). Check out the column here.

Tom Cruise Rant Dubbed into Rankin Bass Cartoon

Jason Gallagher posted a hilarious mashup on Twitter of Cruise’s first rant which is now going viral (1M+ views). The Rankin Bass mashup shows Santa Claus having a meltdown a la Cruise in front of a cast of characters from Rudolph the Red Nose ReindeerRead More »

U.K Scientists Battling New Strain of COVID-19

Great Britain is going back into lockdown as U.K. scientists are now warning there’s another new strain of COVID-19 and it spreads faster. Viruses do mutate after all…