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Al Gore Lies About Patrick Murray (Video)

Al Gore, former Vice President, and noted global warming activist, took to the microphone at last weekend’s Jim Moran fundraiser and spoke about Patrick Murray and what Mr. Murray stands for as far as environmental issues. Mr. Gore said Patrick Murray was for “more fossil fuels…more drilling…more carbon pollution.”

This is a lie.

But, we shouldn’t be surprised seeing as how Jim Moran lied at last week’s debate in Reston. Mr. Moran also lied at the June kickoff of his re-election campaign where he said his opponent (Mr. Murray) wants ‘to shoot illegal immigrants.’


All one has to do is look on Mr. Murray’s website to find out that is far from the truth (emphasis mine):

ENERGY “And for the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as president: In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.” — President Barack Obama

I support President Obama’s goal to wean America off of OPEC oil. Unfortunately after two years in office, the Obama Administration has not really done much toward accomplishing this goal, and there are few members of Congress who have any interest in looking beyond how to get themselves reelected. In fact, presidents and Congress have been taking about this for about 30 years (my opponent Jim Moran has been present for 20 of those years. He is very successful when it comes to getting reelected, but he has done nothing to improve America’s energy situation).

I want to help this President accomplish this goal, so we need a plan and we need to get busy. The U.S. uses approximately 21 million barrels of oil per day. Of that amount, 13 million barrels are imported, 5 million barrels of which are from OPEC. Not only is this an unprecedented transference of wealth, it is also a national security issue, as this ends up funding Islamic extremists and renders our energy supply vulnerable to events in the volatile Middle East. To put it slightly differently, we are funding both sides of the war while making us much more vulnerable to events and decisions in the Middle East by hostile regimes such as Iran. We need a comprehensive national strategy that will accomplish the following:

• Near Term: Eliminate American reliance on OPEC oil and put us on a glide path to energy self-sufficiency. In 2008, our reliance on foreign oil amounted to over $405 billion leaving our pockets for foreign markets. Think of the massive growth in our economy were we to keep that revenue here. While weaning ourselves from foreign oil, we will be creating jobs here at home, reducing the price of gas at the pump and choking off revenue streams the terrorists rely upon to fund their attacks on us. This is a “win-win” situation regardless of which political party you are in.

Long Term: Empower the private sector to develop large scale renewable energy solutions. As Americans who believe in the power of the free market, we have the ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to. However, if we really do care about future generations of Americans, we need to learn to look beyond the next election cycle when it comes to long-term strategic planning. This is particularly true when it comes to alternate sources of energy. It is in U.S. national interests to pursue multiple sources of energy.

As your Congressman my Energy priorities will be:

• Near Term: Pursue American energy independence from OPEC by maximizing our own oil and gas exploration. Set annual goals of reducing the number of barrels of oil we import, so that by 2018 (President Obama’s stated goal) we no longer will need to import any OPEC oil. One viable way to do this quickly would be to maximize our own domestic exploration and to increase our use of natural gas. The U.S. has vast natural gas reserves, and gas is both cheaper and burns cleaner than oil.

Long Term: Incentivize the private sector to invest in and develop the technology and infrastructure necessary to maximize our use of wind, solar and nuclear energy. Also, incentivize homeowners and the owners of commercial buildings to upgrade their insulation and other energy saving options. Set national goals of gradually increasing our energy supply from clean sources. For example, in 2008, nuclear power accounted for about 20% of the total net electricity generated in the United States. By contrast, France currently generates over 75% of its energy from nuclear power. We should strive to build an average of two new nuclear power plants every year here in the U.S. Also, we only get about 2% of our energy from solar and wind. We should pursue these renewable sources on a larger scale. As our ability to employ these sources increases we can concurrently reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Does that sound like someone who’s for “more fossil fuels…more drilling…more carbon pollution?”

Frankly, one would think Lowell over at Blue Virginia would do a little research before posting some of the crap he does. The Other McCain has more information including the origin of the video.

If you are tired of people like Congressman Moran and Al Gore lying to you, support Patrick Murray for Congress so Congress can get something done.

(Video via Blue Virginia)