Eric Swalwell Wants to End Your Health Insurance

Since the passage of Obamacare, like many Americans, my insurance premium has increased by 500%+. This increase is because Obamacare has furthered government involvement in the healthcare market. Remember how President Obama said insurance premiums would go DOWN with the passage of Obamacare? That was a lie.

Rep. Eric Swallwell, who’s running for president, wants to end private insurance and get the government to take care of you. The government never does anything cheaply. Swalwell is not the only one pushing this idea.

Americans should reject this plan to destroy our health insurance from the Democrats and reject a Representative who even jokes about nuking Americans.


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CNN’s Jake Tapper Makes False Claim About Scooter Libby

President Donald Trump has been relentlessly attacking former FBI Director James Comey on Twitter. CNN’s Jake Tapper called out the president for what he perceived to be hypocrisy over pardoning ex-Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby but, ended up lying himself.

Every one in D.C. knows the true leaker in the case was Richard Armitage – even the Special Counsel appointed to prosecute the leak. Fact is, Mr. Libby was NEVER prosecuted for leaking the name. Mr. Libby was charged with obstruction of justice and perjury. Shame on Jake Tapper. Mr. Libby has never denied the seriousness of the offenses for which he was convicted and one of the chief witnesses in the case against Mr. Libby has recanted her testimony.


Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed by his friend James Comey, then deputy attorney general. From the start, Mr. Fitzgerald knew that the critical “leak” to Novak had come from then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. He nevertheless commenced an extensive investigation to “discover” what had happened.

The charges against Mr. Libby were based on his description of various conversations he had with journalists at the time, including the New York Times’s Judith Miller. Based on notes she had made containing the word “bureau” in association with Ms. Plame’s job, Ms. Miller became the only reporter to testify that Mr. Libby had discussed Ms. Plame’s CIA connection with her. Mr. Fitzgerald called her testimony “critical” in his closing argument to the jury, which found Mr. Libby guilty on four of five counts.

But Ms. Miller later realized her testimony had been mistaken. Ms. Plame published a memoir in late 2007, months after Libby’s trial. In Ms. Miller’s 2015 book, “A Reporter’s Story,” she writes that one particular point in Ms. Plame’s account immediately caught her eye: Ms. Plame’s CIA “cover” had been as an employee of a State Department bureau. Mr. Libby would have known the CIA has “divisions,” not “bureaus.” He could not, therefore, have been the person who revealed Ms. Plame’s CIA connection to Ms. Miller.

Ms. Miller did not recognize her mistake when preparing her trial testimony, because she did not know that Ms. Plame had a State Department cover. Had she known, she would not have claimed she and Mr. Libby had discussed Ms. Plame’s CIA status. But Mr. Fitzgerald knew, and Ms. Miller believes he deliberately led her away from the truth.

All this means that Mr. Libby was telling the truth about his conversations with Ms. Miller, and that he did not deliberately mislead Mr. Fitzgerald’s grand jury or the FBI. For her part, Ms. Miller had not lied at Mr. Libby’s trial; she had given false testimony in good faith. “With the information about Plame’s cover that Fitzgerald had withheld, it was hard not to conclude that my testimony had been wrong,” she writes. “Had I helped convict an innocent man?”

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CNN Issues Correction Over Their Fake News Report

We get force-fed CNN here at work. The James Comey statement directly contradicted their reporting from all day Tuesday and Wednesday. CNN is the LEAST trusted name in news. Read More »

Tweet of the Day: Jake Tapper on Star Wars at the White House

Today, a pair of Stormtroopers and R2D2 accompanied White House spokesman Josh Earnest on stage at the White House Press Briefing Room.

CNN’s Jake Tapper weighed in on Twitter and it was epic…

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Jake Tapper Eviscerates Davis Guggenheim Over Barack Obama Movie (Video)

Davis Guggenheim told Piers Morgan the other night that the only negative in the 17-minute love letter/documentary on Barack Obama that Guggenheim directed was that there were too many positives about Obama.

Via Breitbart, Jake Tapper at ABC News points out a few negatives Davis Guggenheim missed.