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The Fed’s ‘Hidden Agenda’ – Why You Should Be Very Worried About All The Money-Printing

Peter Tanous at CNBC has an excellent breakdown on the hidden agenda behind the reason why the Federal Reserve keeps injecting massive amounts of money into the U.S. economy through quantitative easing. This is to keep interest rates low. If interest rates go up, did you know that in the future, the personal income taxes you pay may go to just servicing the interest on the national debt? Click the link above to read more. Our kids deserve better.

Governor Rick Perry Reminds President Obama What The National Debt Is in $

President Obama says ‘we don’t have to worry about the debt in the short term‘ (it’s only our greatest national security threat) and couldn’t bring himself to tell David Letterman how much debt our kids and grandkids will have to pay off.

Rick Perry, in a spoof of photos the Obamabots like Jessica Alba have been taking in a sort of ‘pledge’ to the President, reminds President Obama how much the National Debt is.