Ten Big Takeaways from the 2020 Election

Great post here from Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage with 10 takeaways from the Joe Biden vs. President Donald Trump 2020 election.

CNN’s Van Jones Praises President Donald Trump

Avowed Communist & CNN commentator Van Jones says President Trump ‘Doesn’t get enough credit for the good stuff he has done for the black community.’ Check out the story here. Read More »

LA Times Reporter Triggered By Trump’s USA Hat

At Saturday’s press conference on the Coronavirus epidemic, LA Times reporter Chris Megerian became triggered by the site of Trump wearing a hat with USA emblazoned on it.

You can see more posts on media bias here.

Video: When the Media Called COVID-19 ‘Chinese Coronavirus’

The media has been hammering President Trump for calling the Coronavirus a ‘foreign virus’ saying it smacks of xenophobia. They used to call it a similar name before becoming woke after Chinese propaganda said they were outraged.

10 Ways Democrats Own Witnesses Destroyed Trump’s Impeachment

This week, as the Democrats have laid out their case in the Trump Impeachment Trial, there has been a lot of back and forth over specific witnesses. The Democrat’s friends in the media are clamoring for specific witnesses.

As Matt Margolis writes, here are ten ways some of the testimony from the Democrat’s own witnesses has undercut their own case.